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Every TPRC Communications client benefits from having a team leader who is a senior practitioner with extensive experience to personally craft the strategies, consult directly with on a regular basis, and personally lobby influentials across the media and marketing landscape on their behalf. TPRC Communications keeps only a handful of clients to ensure the agency’s senior expertise is applied to the highest degree with a lazer-like focus on success.

Jonathan Zaleski
Jonathan Zaleski

TPRC Communications is the private practice of Jonathan Zaleski, a public relations professional, marketing expert, and social media strategist with over two decades of experience. Before starting TPRC Communications, Mr. Zaleski held leadership positions at top-tier entertainment communications agencies.  After starting the company, his industries of expertise expanded beyond entertainment to include technology, lifestyle, automotive, education, and more. 

He has an undergraduate degree in business administration from SUNY Albany and an MBA from Northeastern University, both focused on marketing, and is currently earning a Doctor of Education degree from USC for a Spring 2021 matriculation.  Mr. Zaleski also serves as the Communications Manager for the USC Pullias Center for Higher Education.


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